Why We Make Ghost Pepper Cheese Bites

We want to have our own business income so that I may retire next year from my excellent day job to spend more time with Sharon and our kids.

There’s lots of fishing and crabbing and exploring to be done. I also want to finish rebuilding this house. I enjoy making cheese snacks, and we do a really good job. Those are my personal reasons. Plus, I feel really good spreading a bit of joy around.

The benefit to you is that you get a super high quality, consistently excellent, handcrafted, unique cheese, with beautiful, strong packaging, and spice levels you may choose and depend on.

Above are sort of like before and after pictures. On the left is the well room, which will be dug out to finish the house. On the right is a corner of our Production Room, which is an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom. This room used to look like the other. Now you can scrub and hose out ceiling to floor.

I’ve poured footings to expand basement and home on the second floor. The blue door goes into the Production area. The well room is at the far end. If you look close you see irrigation pump and wooden lid over old hand dug well.

Don’t let these pictures scare you! It looks a bit sketchy, but it’s not. At our last USDA/WSDA inspection we were rated A-1 Superior. We’ve been selling to major supermarkets for nearly four years and doing well. For some months, we have been the top selling cheese in many delis. See the many varieties of our cheese here. Pretty good for a little guy.

Thanks for your business everyone.

Sharon Rose and Johnny P